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About Referral Program

Every active Learning Roof member can refer his/her friends for any services being run at Learning Roof. The reference is location independent and the student can be a resident of any state within US. Both referee and referrer shall be rewarded. Details shown below

    • All references must be clearly announced and indicated with *Referrer’s full name and contact number during the client enrollment process.
    • No reference discount will be honored post completion of the student’s registration.
    • Referrer should be an enrolled and active customer of The Learning Roof for more than 6 months.
    • Any reference related discount will be applicable only upon successful completion of one full month of billing of referee. All discounts will reflect in subsequent month’s billing
    • Referrer can refer multiple referees and enjoy upto 10 – 20% discount on each referee.
    • *Referee will get 10% discount on the 2nd month’s billing only once they complete 30 days after the first scheduled class.