Latest Study Upends Stereotypes About Great Coders

Latest Study Upends Stereotypes About Great Coders

Latest Study Upends Stereotypes About Great Coders

A latest study of 2020 upends stereotypes about Great Coders. Surprisingly, the study reveals that learning how to code is similar to learning a new dialect (language) like French or Chinese. Undoubtedly, it did challenge the entrenched beliefs about coding.

What makes a good coder?

So what is the formula of a great coder? Well, the vast majority feel that you simply add math to some parts of science and technology and you can be the next great coder. In short, the concoction of math plus technology is called a good coder. But the latest study repudiates the prevailing theory.

In the study, young adults learned a popular computer programing language, then took a series of tests assessing their problem-solving math and language skills.

Shockingly, the researchers found out that math skills accounted for hardly two percent of a person’s ability to learn coding.

On the other hand, language skills were almost nine times more predictive of ability, thus accounting for 17 percent of the difference between strong and weak programmers.

The research chips away at ingrained stereotypes that have closed our minds and closed doors to future programmers in school and in workplaces, and begins to paint a new, more inclusive picture of what a coder could look like.

Not a ‘math person’? You may be better at learning to code than you think

Creative, exciting, and commonly misunderstood—careers in the tech industry are often perceived as unattainable by people who are not good at math, or who fear they might not have the specialized knowledge to do high-level equations for a living.

Here’s the reality: While math and things like website development seem to go hand-in-hand, the actual amount of high-level math needed to work in tech is wildly overblown.

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