Scholarship Programs in US are life-changing

Scholarship Programs in US are life-changing

Scholarship Programs in US are life-changing

For parents of kids who are college ready, scholarship programs in US are life-changing. They open entryways for kids that parents might not have had the option to open themselves, because of financial constraints. With high school scholarships saving parents an hefty amount, it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why they are in high demand. Unsurprisingly, the demand is far greater than the supply. Unfortunately, it’s not just enough for your child to just be intelligent or capable. To work on their odds of getting a scholarship, it’s important to ensure your child stands out from the pack. So read on for some proven tips from experts for putting your child on the front foot for achieving a scholarship.


Some schools offer ‘all rounder’ scholarships, for students who don’t necessarily excel in one thing but are consistent performers in a range of subjects. If your child isn’t the top of the class in any of their subjects, but is consistently scoring A’s and B’s, they may be a suitable candidate for this type of scholarship. Conversely, if your child is exceptional in one subject but struggles in others, it may be worth seeking out tutoring to allow them to catch up. Check out Learning roof for the most skilled tutors and customized lesson plans for every subject (Grades K-12).


Most application processes for scholarships involve an interview component. So, in order to ensure to improve your child’s chance of success, it’s important to ensure they have interview skills. You do so by setting up mock interviews at home, to help your child become comfortable with answering questions on the spot.  You may also want to encourage them to participate in debating, public speaking or drama at school, to help them become develop their speaking skills.


Is your child excellent at playing the piano? Perhaps they’re a whiz at science or one of the strongest players on the soccer field? These special talents may be the key to them scoring a scholarship. Most schools aren’t solely interested in your child’s academic performance or skills. Often, it’s looked on favourably if your child is involved in extracurricular activities, whether that’s sport, music classes or another school club. This shows that your child is well-rounded, can apply themselves and if it’s a group activity, can operate as a team player. Leadership skills are also highly regarded, so if your child is a school or house captain or leader of a sports team, this may help improve their chances of gaining a scholarship.


It’s one thing to be able to remember information and think critically, it’s another thing to be able to effectively put this into words. The entrance exams for scholarship programs involve written components, so it’s important to develop their written skills. One way you can do so is by giving your child writing exercises at home, whether that’s freeform creative writing or giving them prompts. At Learning Roof we also have an innovative and intensive writing program that helps children become clear communicators.

Strong writing and reading skills go hand in hand, so it’s also crucial to ensure your child is reading widely. If possible, encourage your child to read books that are beyond their reading level at school, even if it means helping them through it.

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