USA Heads Back To School- Students’ Reviews

Students review on back to school in USA

Back To School, 2020.

Back to school- The classroom setting has changed (hello! iPads). Indeed back to school this fall is no way similar. While several schools started the school year 100% remote (for the initial few weeks or months). Many, on the other hand, opted for a hybrid approach by offering some days of virtual learning coupled with a couple of days a week of onsite/in-person learning.

The redesign of the traditional school day has become reality over the most recent fourteen days. Schools in USA opened their entryways for the first time ever since the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly shut classrooms over the United States – all while the infection remains to a great extent uncontrolled.

This is what we’ve learnt as the schools that have just reopened, as most US schools plan for their own first day with necessary precautions and measures.

Back to School- The initial week seemed to be at sixes and sevens

Just as arranging geometry and photosynthesis exercises, schools had to consider bubbles, how to follow social distancing, and which student can use which restroom.

This September, students of all ages ( K-12)  and their teachers headed back to school as a new year began. From guaranteeing the students access to the school gear, technology, and programs essential for academic growth, to shielding their health and safety, to making the necessary tools available that teachers need to teach (in-person or remote), America’s schools are striving to assemble more promising times to come for our children – presently and throughout the year!

Look what parents and students have to say on back to school, 2020

Mother of a 4th grader.

“I don’t generally believe that Jose gained much from online classes. Despite the fact that I realize that the educators give a valiant effort to encourage them as much as possible, In my opinion, virtual classes can not equally benefit the children of all the grades.”

She further adds, “Particularly the younger ages, I think that it’s difficult for the teachers to have the option to show them everything on computer. Particularly on the grounds that you have numerous kids simultaneously in the class. For older students, for instance my daughter, I realize that she did great since she’s older and far mature. She’s 16 and she definitely realizes what she’s doing. In any case, for Jose, it was hard.”

A 12th grade student.

“Online classes are certainly far organized this fall than before.”

“I also think I’ve gained skills like being persistent while handling procrastination. I have become way more disciplined. Thus, I am better organized this fall. Although, the hardest part about virtual classes is to stay interested, focused and motivated. It gave me enough room to work on college apps and extracurricular activities in the afternoon along with homework assignments. I also think I had more time for my personal hobbies and interests. It gave me a break outside of academics and kept my mental health in order.

She concludes, “On the other hand, I am hassled and stressed about college applications and the situation with the state-administered SAT. It’s still very gray. I would definitely love it if COVID-19 did not happen at all. Yet within the current parameters of the situation I’m exhilarated for the courses I am able to take and the extracurriculars I am drawn into.”


A student, 10th Grade.

“Attending school remotely has pros and cons. However, in my case, I noticed a significant improvement in my overall mental and physical health while doing school online. I am less stressed as I am able to space out my work according to my calendar. Moreover,  I get to complete all my assignments from the comfort of my own home. Though, I feel, I am a better learner and more focused when learning takes place in the classroom with my peers.”

Furthermore, “The hardest part of attending school remotely was the social isolation from my classmates and teachers. At school, I always felt like I had a community around me. Additionally, it takes an innate sense of discipline and motivation to do the assignments in a timely manner when you do school online.”


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