What Is AP Exam And Why Is It Important?

what is AP exam and why is it important

What Is AP Exam And Why Is It Important?

If you have just begun high school, you may be wondering, “What are AP exams?” You may have heard that they are extra-advanced or that you can earn college credit by passing AP exams. Let’s find elaborative answers to your common questions– how do these classes actually work? What is AP exam and why is it important?

Read further to know everything about AP classes and exams and learn how these classes can help you get ahead.

Let’s Know What Is AP (Advanced Placement)

AP (Advanced Placement) is a program run by the College Board that permits you to take special high school courses on specific subjects. In fact, it can help you earn school credit or potentially qualify you for further advanced classes when you start college.

So what are AP courses? They are intended to give you the experience of an introduction level college class while you’re as yet in high school. Isn’t it a great deal? Furthermore, you can get college credit for the class on passing the AP exam.

This program extended quickly throughout the long term. Nowadays, about 2.8 million students take AP tests each year in 38 subjects. It’s additionally more common for students to take numerous AP classes throughout their high school school.

What are AP Exams?

An AP exam is fundamentally a trial of what all you learn in an AP class. You will normally procure school credit in the event that you finish the test given toward the year’s end in May. (AP tests are scored somewhere in the range of 1 and 5, with anything over 3 thought is considered passing.)

While you can think of skipping the AP classes and prepare for the exam independently, it’s unequivocally suggested that you take the corresponding classes. AP classes are explicitly designed to assist students with the AP tests.

Taking an AP classes and passing the exam is also an indication that you’re ready to handle the college level work. It does fortify your college applications tremendously.

Why Should You Take AP?

Why take an AP class when high school itself is so tedious? You have to take the SAT, do college applications, and the same time keep up with your extracurriculars. Taking a demanding course like AP is the last thing you may want to do, especially when that’s not mandatory. But we highly recommend you consider it. Here are reasons why taking an AP exam is a smart decision.

Benefits of Taking AP Exam

AP Does Boost Your College Applications

By taking an AP class, you undoubtedly challenge yourself academically and show colleges that you’re indeed serious about your education. An AP class on your transcript reflects stronger academic training, precisely with high passing scores of 4 and 5 on the test.

In fact, getting a 5 on an AP test shows that you are way advanced in the subject than 80%-90% of advanced students—that looks pretty impressive to colleges!

Prep for college

AP classes can be equally challenging as intro-college courses. They are dynamic, the learning is in-depth, and require independent work like research and analysis. Getting a feel of a college-level curriculum early on definitely eases your transition from high school senior to first-year college student.

Rise to the top of the pile

Advanced Placement classes assures admissions officers that you’re prepared to handle college-level work. Admissions counselors consistently state that good grades and academic rigor are the key elements when schools evaluate applications. Even over standardized test scores!

According to the College Board, students who take AP exams get higher grades in college than those with similar grades who don’t take AP exams.

 Yale states on its admissions website, “We only expect you to take advantage of [AP] courses if your high school provides them.” 

Get a Head Start On College Reqs (It Saves Tuition Dollars)

If your college offers AP credits, a score of a 4 or 5  may help you to earn college credits without paying college tuition.
In fact, some students get lucky to skip the entire first year of college this way, thus bringing down the total cost of their college education by one quarter.

Learning Roof for AP Courses

To summarize, AP classes boost your GPA and strengthen your college application. Stressed over handling the tough concepts of an advanced course? We can help. Our trainers will take you to a journey of in-depth learning with so much ease. Our team can help you ace the AP exam with effective strategy and practice.

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