Tips to Boost Your SAT/ACT Reading Score

tips to boost your SAT/ACT score

Tips to Boost Your SAT/ACT Reading Score

Do you think reading passages is a onerous task on SAT and ACT. Do you zone out, miss the details and end up re-reading the same paragraph repetitively. Let me assure you, majority of the test takers sail in the same boat when it comes to reading passages. So how to get to grips with boring passages in order to boost your SAT/ACT reading score? Read further as we bring the pro tips to boost your SAT/ACT reading score.

6 Pro Tips to Boost Your SAT/ACT Reading Score

Whether you have been preparing for the test for months and are just looking for some new advice which can help you raise your score or you haven’t gone through the books yet, the tips below will certainly help you boost your reading score on SAT/ACT.

Attentive Reading

Attentive reading implies that you’re effectively searching for things as you read. It’s significantly harder to zone out  in case you’re searching for explicit things while you read, so search for the primary ideas, shifts in tone, and the objective behind each section while you read the passage. By searching for these components rather than simply attempting to assimilate the passage content, you can help remain centered and (ideally) just read the whole section once.

Make Pencil Your Partner In Reading

It’s a smart practice to annotate the passage for active reading skills on SAT. Underline significant sentences, write speedy little notes in the edges, and discover approaches to keep the pencil on the page to escape zoning out while reading. These notes will help you locate the most significant points of the passage as you work through each question. So, isn’t it a win-win?

Easiest Passages First

On the SAT, The passages are based on US and World Literature, History, Science and Social Studies. There is no standard that says you should finish the sections in the same flow that they are introduced to you. Take it easy, be the decision maker and start with the section type that is simplest for you. Here you go!

Reading Is A Race

You are certainly going to love this one. Try reading the passages as a race. Track the time. To elaborate, time yourself with every passage and try to outperform yourself. With each subsequent passage, try beating your previous time. This SAT reading tip makes you less inclined to zone out in case you’re resolved to go through the passage quickly.

Don’t Forget Why You Are Here

Eventually, nothing will make an exhausting passage abruptly intriguing. You’ll require a decent measure of self-control to toil through a passage that you find dull as soil. It’s indeed helpful to remember why you’re taking this test – you realize the SAT and the ACT are significant, or you wouldn’t try finding out about how to get your scores higher. The tests are absolutely significant enough to drive yourself through some exhausting reading passages. It works!

Read, Read and Read More-To Boost Your SAT/ACT Reading Score

The more ACT or SAT passages you practice, the better you’ll be at slogging through the tediousness.

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